Events in Omišalj

Omišalj is the first island town located after the crossing of the Krk bridge, and the oldest living town on the island (with the city of Krk) with tourist tradition of over 100 years.

Ancient cuisine

Every summer in the month of July the site of Mirine-Fulfinum revives the spirit of Roman times with what has already become traditional ancient supper. The evening of ancient cuisine is one of the most recognisable events of the municipality of Omišalj, an area ever more oriented to tourists whose attention it wants to draw to its rich history, of which many more developed tourist destinations in Croatia and even in the Mediterranean could be envious. With this event we want to revive the traditional customs of our region.

The Evening of Ancient Cuisine is interesting not only as a gastronomic but also cultural event in which visitors return to ancient times, when Romans walked through Fulfinum and enjoyed a rich ancient culinary table. By the light of fiery torches, with original ancient music, street entertainers, gladiators, Roman soldiers and the Emperor and the Emperor’s entourage, visitors dressed in Roman togas enjoy an ancient atmosphere. A Roman camp creates a special atmosphere for the Evening of Ancient Cuisine, as do the presentations by blacksmiths, potters, weavers, rope and basket makers and a beauty salon where visitors can have an ancient hair do or have their skin painted with henna.

The Evening of Ancient Cuisine is intended for a wide audience, people from Omišalj and the island of Krk, Rijeka and the wider environs, however primarily for tourists who are staying in our destination during that period. The event is held during the tourist season in one of the most popular tourist area as a special part of the local cultural offer.


Bljak fest - Yuck Festival

A particularly interesting part of the carnival events is the Yuck Festival, a special gastronomic event, which has become an unmissable part of local carnival events. Visitors to this festival have the opportunity to taste completely free of charge specific specialties of the local gastronomic heritage such as roasted bull’s testicles, tripe, pig and chicken feet, chicken necks… There surely will also be other “yuckiness” such as kale and leeks, but also a few surprises.

However, this festival offers much more than a mere dispute about tastes or flavours, as it takes place in the picturesque town of Omišalj, which is reason enough to visit it all year round, even in winter, when its squares and its labyrinth of narrow streets come alive with masked troupes, or “babani” for which Omišalj is widely known. One thing is sure: all of those who come to the Yuck Festival will surely find something that they don’t like! But in the same way no one will leave Omišalj unhappy or hungry!



Stomorina or Vela Gospoja, as it is called in Omišalj, is a religious holiday which on the 15th August celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to which the parish church of Omišlja is dedicated. The day before the holiday, in the church above the grand altar the “stomorina” is made: on a metal frame grapes, figs and pears are hung in honour of the Mother of God (‘Sta Maria – Stomorina). At the same time, young men and girls in the past would have made their “stomorina” on the town square, from many frames connected to a pole with a crown with four tops on which apples and oranges would have been spiked, and on the frames would have been attached silken scarves (in the past they were collected from the houses of women and girls who had been given them by their fathers and husbands sailors who had bought them in Venice or from other places where they had sailed).

The women would make a new banner every year and for three different occasions: they are identical for Christmas and weddings, whilst for “stomorina” they are different. In silence on the eve of the holiday during the night the boys would, with the help of ropes stretched in a cross and tied to the rooftops, raise it on the town square, whilst the girls would help by tying additional scarves and fruit to the rope. The banner represents how the Mother of God, Mary or “Stomorina”, flies in the sky with the angels (the scarves). The young men take care of the Stomorina and sometimes they take it down if a storm is brewing, and then put it back up again. Stomorina is celebrated on two days, on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and on the Day of St. Rocco, when people dance under the Stomorina. The custom is still held to this day, when local young people set up the pre-prepared banner on the town square. Together with the festival on St. Rocco’s Day, this is an interesting tourist attraction


Big OM

This year’s BIG OM – OMIŠALJ Cup has attracted 18 teams and 80 competitors, great lovers of sport fishing and hunting for big fish. Most, of course, any competitor with Kvarner and Istria region, but in the waters of the northern Adriatic and competitors come from Slovenia, Germany, Italy, and even in America. Opening Ceremony of 7th BIG OM was held on the eve of the competition, 24 August on omišaljskoj waterfront, with the performance of members of KUD I Jurjevic and Damir Kedzo. Competitors and a large audience welcomed the Mayor of Omisalj and Chairman of the Organizing Committee Tomo Sparožić thanking all the participants and sponsors without whom, he said, this beautiful sea stories with soul would not be. Sparožić’s wishing everyone the best of luck with the fishing greeting “Rogi fisherman” declared the competition open.

DSports competition and excitement are complemented fishing feštana after two days of competition. Many are curious as witnessed tense weigh attractive catch, and then enjoy the superb cuisine, the consumption of tuna and a rich entertainment program that took care of the organizers



KReKo – the largest ecological event in the municipality of Omišalj was established in 2011. This is a cultural, entertainment and educative project whose purpose is to encourage ecological values for which the island of Krk is recognised. KReKo is held every weekend in the month of May, and alongside “Gastronaut” – a specially designed offer in local bars and restaurants, the event is accompanied by various sporting, fun and educative activities, fairs of local produce and flowers and a visit to the Jezero ornithological park.

Events in Omišalj

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